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Metsa manufactures

Propane Tanks, Skid Station Tanks and Pressure vessel accessories from high quality North American Products.

All our products are assembled with high quality materials and have their corresponding certifications to ensure the safety and optimal performance.


What We Do

At Metsa we always strive for the best, this is why our products are built with high quality materials and inspected thoroughly throughout every process to ensure compliance with requirements within ASME standards.


Propane Tanks

We manufacture propane tanks ranging from 120-1990 gallon.


Dispenser Tanks

Since 2020 we started our Dispenser tank models which range from 1000-1990 gallons.


Pressure Vessel Accessories

Having our own press allows us to offer tank heads and domes, we are also able to provide accesories such as lifting lugs, legs, brackets and more.


Best Movers

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